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Quality and oil paintings

Kvalitet og oliemalerier - Fototilmaleri.dk

All art orders are professionally hand painted from scratch without the use of computers or fancy printers. It is a craft that is meticulously executed for each individual order. Our artists are professional professionals, so museum and gallery quality is guaranteed.

As with investing in art , it can be difficult to put a finger on what determines whether a painting is of high quality. Apart from the fact that you might think the painting is nice and well-liked. As we at Fototilmaleri.dk aim to deliver works of art, quality and an eye for detail are therefore some of the things we focus on. From the choice of oil paint and canvas to the artist and framing, we focus on, and stands within a high and uniform standard and quality.

One of the first things you should notice about a quality painting is that the artist has worked equally on all parts of the canvas, even the places that are not necessarily relevant to the main subject. In addition, you will also be able to see whether the artist has used professional quality paint and canvas. Just as paint is not just paint, so a canvas is not just a canvas.  They are available in different materials such as linen, cotton and polyester.

It can also be a mixture. Linen has a coarser thread than cotton, so the two types of canvas are suitable for different expressions. Polyester was once considered a cheap substitute for the finer cotton, but today there are high quality polyester canvases. Unlike natural fibers, polyester does not expand and contract when fluctuations in temperature and humidity occur, and the risk of damage to the painting is less. Look for canvases with a uniform thread and weave. The bigger the painting, the more important it is.

As you have probably noticed, Fototilmaleri.dk are not the only ones offering this "photo-to-painting" service. If you search on Google, for example, a handful of alternatives will appear. Many of these use printers and computers to quickly create something that looks like a real painting. Likewise, in almost all cases you receive your "painting" directly from China, rolled up in a cardboard tube, without framing or quality checks.

From Fototilmaleri.dk, you will always receive your artwork fully framed and ready to hang, or give as a gift. At Fototilmaleri.dk, solid oak hanging frames are handcrafted, professionally and individually, for each individual order. We won't rip you off with a cheap frame made of e.g. oak veneer, even if it would have been significantly cheaper. As a rule, we always use floating frames. More precisely, this means that the painting will appear to be floating in the frame, which really highlights the painting. In contrast to picture frames, which are suitable for e.g. posters.

When you shop at Fototilmaleri.dk, you (and we) ensure that we have control over the above and stand 100% within standard and quality. It can sometimes be difficult when you have to look for yourself in the "art jungle".

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