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Personal oil painting after photograph

Personligt oliemaleri efter fotografi -

Personal paintings emphasizes creating unique works of art of high material quality, painted by a professional artist, based on your own photo.

When we paint from a photo, there is no limit to what can be painted, so it is entirely up to you what you want painted. At, we paint realistic works of art based on your photos. A personalized painting is the perfect gift or perpetuation of a memory, person or pet. The price for a painting is from DKK 2,500. including professional framing and delivery throughout Denmark.

We have associated two professional artists who are ready to turn your order and photo into a work of art. We basically offer one painting size, which we think suits the painting and most walls and homes best, namely 80x60 cm. That at a price of DKK 4,800. - Yes, you heard right, a genuine hand-painted oil painting for under DKK 5,000. If you want a larger or smaller painting, just contact us .

From order to delivery takes approx. 2 weeks. Most art orders take approx. a little week to paint. After this, the paint must also dry for a little over a week before it goes on to be framed by our frame maker. Here, the painting is first strung up on a blind frame, after which a floating frame is handmade for each individual painting and order.

We recommend that you upload a photo digitally during the ordering process . Should you still not have a digital version lying around, you of course also have the option of sending it directly to us. You should be aware of longer delivery times depending on when we receive the physical photograph from you. - Get a real oil painting painted

How to paint a painting from a photo?

Step 1. The receipt of photo/order

Our artist receives your photo. The person ensures that the quality of your photo is good enough, so details, such as facial expressions, small things, etc. can be seen, see it can be expressed.

Step 2. Sketching the motif

We start from the top left and go towards the right. After preparing the canvas and mixing paint in the correct tones etc. the artist always starts by sketching what is being painted. In the above case, the child is the center. It could also be a car, etc. Then the background is painted.

Step 3. The basic colors are painted

After outlining the painting and the background, the artist begins to add color to the individual, in the above case, the child. You start to be able to see the painting take shape just as quietly, but it is still too early to think about details.

Step 4. Shadows are added to the painting

The painter is allowed to apply paint and shadows so that it harmonizes with the proprieties of the subject and the painting. The artist begins to add characteristics and details, as well as fine-tune lines and brushstrokes.

Step 5. The painting is detailed

The painting is in its final stage. The artist has the thin brush forward and add additional shadows, hair and facial expressions. This phase of the painting is the most time-consuming and requires immense concentration and attention. The last and fourth picture, bottom right, is the finished painting

Step 6. Your artwork is ready

When the artist has applied the last brushstrokes, the painting must dry for some time before it can be framed. When dry, it is strung onto a blind frame, after which a floating frame is handmade for it. The painting is now packed carefully and safely before it is sent to you. The above example took 5 working days to paint.

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