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Trading conditions

🏛 Company: Fototilmaleri.dk (CVR:35805036)
📍 Address: Grønnegade 49. 8000 Aarhus C.
📞 Contact: +45 71 900 134 | customer service@fototilmaleri.dk
🗄 Auditor: Annual Accounts.dk
⚖️ Lawyer: Advokaterne Strandvejen
🏦 Bank: Danske Bank, Reg: 3409 Account: 12760140

This agreement is valid between F ototilmaleri.dk and your customers.

Personalized products are products made from a picture and or the customer's preferences (like a painting to order).

Order confirmation
When you have completed your order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This will also be sent together with the finished painting, if it is not a gift.

Production and delivery
Expected delivery time is 14 days. Your personal painting is produced by our painter, after which it is sent to F ototilmaleri.dk for framing and quality control. Your order will then be sent directly to your preferred delivery address. We use GLS for our deliveries. That way, you can easily follow your order with the tracking system that GLS offers. Your order is packed and quality checked professionally by F ototilmaleri.dk .

Fototilmaleri.dk is free to use images of your painting on their website and in their marketing, as an example of what is possible to have produced.
You can always opt out of this, and Fototilmaleri.dk will comply with your wish.

Payment terms
Payment can be made with all payment cards, partial payment, mobilepay, cash or via bank transfer. As a rule , you always want to secure your payment when placing an order, but F ototilmaleri.dk will not withdraw payment before dispatch. All prices are in DKK.

F ototilmaleri.dk offers free shipping throughout Denmark. F ototilmaleri.dk cannot be held responsible for any delays in shipments, as all shipments are handled by a third party. F ototilmaleri.dk uses sub-suppliers for freight , and when the order is handed over to the freight company , the only information F ototilmaleri.dk has is that found on the freight company's website. The tracking number to obtain this information will be associated with your order when the package is shipped. All purchases made at F ototilmaleri.dk include a shipping contract . F ototilmaleri.dk is not responsible for delays which are the responsibility of the recipient, for example the recipient cannot receive the delivery if the recipient has provided incorrect delivery information to F ototilmaleri.dk , or is unable or unwilling to cooperate with GLS. While the order is in the carrier's hands, the carrier is responsible for it.

In accordance with the Act on consumer protection in the case of distance trading and home sales agreements, the consumer has, as a general rule, the right of withdrawal cf. (§ 13). However, according to (§ 14, 3 p.), the main rule does not apply to goods which are specially produced and which, due to their nature, cannot be returned. The exception to the main rule applies to the purchase of F ototilmaleri .dk 's Personalized product, which is a product made from a personal image.

Notwithstanding the above, there is however a full right of exchange if a Personalized product does not match what was expected. However, within a reasonable time. When purchasing a personalized product, it must be expected that it cannot be compared 1-1 with the submitted image which has been painted. In the nature of the matter, therefore, this cannot be seen as a right of cancellation.

Right of complaint
F ototilmaleri .dk provides a 2-year right of complaint in accordance with the Sales Act, covering manufacturing and material defects that are detected during normal use of the product.

The right of complaint does not cover errors, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused by incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized interventions. Complaints about faults and defects which should be discovered by usual inspection of the product must be notified to F ototilmaleri.dk within a reasonable time. The item can subsequently be returned for repair and or exchange.

The safety mark
F ototilmaleri.dk is a Tryghedsmærket webshop, and you can therefore choose to use the Tryghedsmærket 's free case processing. It is your assurance that we comply with current Danish law and a number of special consumer protection requirements.

Force Majeure
In the event of war, natural disasters, labor- related disputes, orders from governments, faulty deliveries from suppliers, extraordinary circumstances F ototilmaleri.dk has no influence on, which affect the contract between F ototilmaleri.dk and their customer, then F ototilmaleri.dk will not be responsible for fulfilling the terms specified above.

A purchase at F ototilmaleri.dk is subject to Danish legislation. All disputes with companies under F ototilmaleri.dk , its employees, managers, or owners, individual persons or collectively , must be settled by a Danish court.

How a product from F ototilmaleri.dk is used is the responsibility of the user of the product, and how it is kept is the responsibility of the owner of the product. No company under F ototilmaleri.dk , its employees, managers, or owners, individual or collective, can be held responsible for any accident, damage, suffering or anything else that someone or something may have caused, directly or indirectly, with a product from F ototilmaleri .dk.

Cookie provisions
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Personal data
As a customer , you have the opportunity to gain insight into our registration of data about you, and you can object to a registration in accordance with the rules on this in the Act on the Processing of Personal Data and inquiries in connection with this should be directed to F ototilmaleri.dk , where the data controller is Daniel Skovbakke. (daniel@ f ototilmaleri.dk )

Appeal process
If you wish to complain about your purchase , you must first contact F ototilmaleri.dk on telephone 71 900 134. If we do not succeed in finding a satisfactory solution with us, you can, if the conditions for this are met, lodge a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Board.

Center for Complaint Resolution
House of Names
Customs booth 2
8800 Viborg