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Why order a personal painting?

Hvorfor bestille et personligt maleri ? - Fototilmaleri.dk

You order a painting at fototilmaleri.dk because:

• You want to give a personal and/or unique gift!
• You want to immortalize a memory, a relationship or a person!
• You want to have a faithful copy of a famous work of art made!
• You want to have a nice and well-liked portrait made!

Why buy a painting?
There are several good reasons to buy a genuine painting. Unlike the classic framed poster or numbered lithograph, the painting is an authentic piece of craftsmanship and history that a professional artist has spent many hours perfecting before it ends up with you, the lucky owner.

Most people buy a painting to decorate their home, office or similar. Others buy a painting as an investment, and some buy art for more practical reasons, because a workplace needs a little soul or a loved one needs a special and personal gift.

Investing in art?
Art is a difficult size to invest in, as it requires considerable insight into what is going on within the art world. In addition, a given price for a painting, which is most often an expression of an artist's popularity at a given time, is thus tied to supply and demand.

Many living artists make the classic mistake that when their popularity declines, they become desperate and increase their supply in the hope that demand will increase, with the result that their prices will fall along with the value of your investment. A good rule of thumb if you are going to invest in art is therefore to buy works of art from deceased artists with a name or from living artists who are known outside the country's borders.

A good example of this could be our own Michael Kvium . A living Danish artist who paints gloomy well-liked oil paintings. He has managed to balance his popularity by limiting his supply of works, all the while fertilizing the market with limited edition lithographs to promote even the same original works, but at prices accessible to a wider audience.

This, combined with increasing demand from abroad, here in particular from China, has caused the prices of Kvium's paintings and lithographs to explode. A difficult prediction for anyone who just wants a nice painting for the wall that you like.

Why Fototilmaleri.dk?
THAT is why we recommend investing in personal art instead. For this purpose and exactly why, we have created fototilmaleri.dk. Here you can get painted, whatever it may be. You will never experience a cash value increase on your purchase, but you will never experience a cash value decrease either. The price is fixed and fair and represents the craftsmanship and materials. Virtually all customers experience a personal increase in value by looking at their painting every day or by the joy that the painting will be able to pass on and live on for generations.

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