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Famous works of art on a budget

Kendte kunstværker på budget - Fototilmaleri.dk

Order a reproduction.

Most of us dream of having a famous masterpiece in our living room, but for the vast majority of us it is not realistic to buy the original. So if you are looking for real works of art, it can be advantageous to have a budget for how much money you are willing to spend. 

At Fototilmaleri.dk we have a transparent price that you have to deal with, unless you want your painting to be larger or smaller than our recommended sizes. The price you have to deal with is simply height x width = price. This regardless of whether we have to paint after a photo with a personal motif or whether it is an already known motif/work you want. 

Many of the great painters of our time have used oil paint for their paintings. One of the most famous works in the world, "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, is also painted with oil paint.

When you have decided to invest in a painting, it is of course essential that you find out which style you like. At Fototilmaleri.dk we are specialists in creating paintings based on photos. That is regardless of whether it is a personal photo of your mother or a copy of a well-known painting from e.g. Picasso, Monet or Krøyer, we can handle the task. 1/3 of all paintings we make are reproductions of already known works, where our customers think it could be fun to have a faithful copy of a valuable painting hanging in the living room. We have described here what you should be aware of in relation to reproductions.

The disadvantage of ordering your artwork from Fototilmaleri.dk is of course that you have not seen the finished result before placing your order. This can cause a natural doubt and skepticism, which we will not try to remove, but where we simply hope that you will let the doubt benefit us, as it has benefited so many of our customers .

We make paintings and works of art to order, as our name (read. Art order) also describes. So we also cannot do the "puppy trick", as we call it, when galleries offer you to have a given painting at home to hang before you decide whether you want to buy it. That in the belief that in 95% of cases you keep it, just like you would with a puppy. The advantage of Fototilmaleri.dk is that the price and quality are understandable.

Shouldn't it be a reproduction, but something completely different. We encourage you to get inspiration from museums, galleries or online. There are plenty of options if you look around a bit. A good painting is well thought out and well done.

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