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From Photo to Painting: An Artistic Journey

Fra Foto til Maleri: En Kunstnerisk Rejse

Original photo is dedicated to transforming your precious moments into timeless works of art. In this blog we will dive into the process behind one of our latest projects where we turned an adorable family photo into a beautiful hand painted painting. This is a journey through the entire process, from start to finish, from an artistic angle.

1. Receipt of the Photo

The process begins when we receive a photo from the customer. In this case, we received a lovely image of four children and a dog sitting in front of a brick wall. The image radiated joy and warmth, which immediately inspired our team. The first step is to study the photo closely to understand the finer details, the lighting, and the overall composition.

2. Preparation and Planning

After receiving the photo, our artist assesses how we can best transfer the unique elements from the photo to the canvas. This involves choosing the right canvas and deciding which techniques and materials to use. The planning also includes ensuring that all important details, such as facial expressions, textures and colors, are accurately reproduced.

3. Sketching

Once the planning is complete, the artist begins sketching the image on the canvas. This step is crucial as it creates the foundation for the final painting. The artist uses a light pencil to draw the basic shapes and proportions of the figures and the background. The sketch helps to place all elements correctly and ensures that there is a balance in the composition.

4. Substrate and Primer

Before the colors are applied, it is important to prepare the canvas properly. This involves applying a layer of primer, which helps the paint bond better to the canvas and prevents the colors from seeping through. The primer can also affect the texture and glow of the final painting. When the primer is dry, the canvas is ready for the next step.

5. Coloring

Now begins the most exciting part of the process: coloring. The artist begins by laying a foundation of the largest color areas. This includes the background and the large areas of the figures. Once the large blocks of color are in place, the artist begins working with shadows and highlights to create depth and dimension. This step requires close attention to light and shadow, which gives the painting a three-dimensional effect.

6. Detailing

The details are what really bring the painting to life. The artist focuses on adding small but important details such as facial expressions, texture in clothing, and individual strands of hair on the dog. This step requires precision and patience as it is these fine details that make the difference between an ordinary painting and a masterpiece.

7. Finishing

Once all the details are in place, the artist assesses the painting to ensure that all elements are harmonious and cohesive. This includes adjusting colors, adding any final details and making sure the whole composition looks natural and balanced. The artist may also add a light varnish to protect the painting and give it a beautiful finish.

8. Framing and Delivery

The finished painting is framed to give it an elegant and finished look. The frame is chosen by the customer as part of the ordering process to ensure it suits their taste and interior design style. Once the painting is framed, it is ready for delivery. We ensure that it is packed securely so that it arrives to the customer in perfect condition.

9. Customer satisfaction

One of the most satisfying parts of the process is seeing the customer's reaction when they receive their painting. There is nothing like the joy of seeing a smile on a customer's face when they see their memories transformed into a beautiful piece of art. We value feedback from our customers and always strive to deliver above their expectations. You are welcome to review your experience with us here.


Transforming a photo into a painting is an artistic journey that requires both technical skill and creative passion. At, we are proud to be able to deliver hand-painted works of art that capture the precious moments in life and turn them into lasting memories. From receiving the photo to the finished painting, every step of the process is done with care and dedication. Visit to start your own artistic journey and see how we can bring your photos to life through art.

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